• Crafted MOU to guide the WESTT/MWUL Partnership
  • Developed cost share agreement, secured office space, crafted brand identity, posted consultant position
  • Presented findings from Georgetown University Edunomics Study on DE education financial system commissioned by WESTT
March - April 2019

  • Consulted with Senator Lockman and Representative Chukwuocha on Redding Consortium.
  • Re-Districting legislation adopted by the DE General Assembly
  • Supported formation of Delawareans for Educational Opportunities, disseminated updates of DEO and NAACP Lawsuit
June 2019

  • Planned and executed WCEEP Strategic Planning and community organizing strategy
July-September 2019

  • Completed partnership negotiations between WESTT and MWUL signed MOU with MWUL


January - February 2019

  • Posted and interviewed consulting firm candidates
  • Two WESTT representatives completed Harvard University Certification: Race, Equity and Public Education.


May 2019

  • Engaged and onboarded Maria Velasquez, V&N Consulting Services LLC
  • Onboarded Parent Advisory Council on Education Leaders to new home at MWUL
  • Continued fundraising efforts-secured grants from Wilmington City Council, NCC government, and Wilmington Office of Mayor.
July - October 2019

  • Launched Listening Tour to gather the input of key influencers and test mission/priorities
  • Represented WCEEP on Redding Consortium, Chair Governance & Finance Work Group, Co-Chair Social
  • Determinants Work Group
November 2019 - February 2020

  • Convened focus groups with parents, students, and educators on COVID-19 impact, virtual learning and best use of federal CARES ACT funds
  • Communicated recommendations to DOE and (4) NCC District Superintendents
  • Placed Delaware State University Intern
  • Adopted 2021 legislative priorities
March-October 2020

  • Produced live stream public launch with Marc Morial, NUL CEO, Jea P. Street, President DE Educational
    Opportunities & Monique Martin, Community Activist
  • Supported DE Businesses-DETV, Flux Creative Consulting, Catalyst Visuals & Faran Steed
  • Developed monthly live stream series
  • Engagement in community organizing, volunteer recruitment, General Assembly advocacy, fundraising
November 2020 - January 2021

* MOU Memorandum of Understanding
* WESTT Wilmington Education Strategies Think Tank
* MWUL Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League
* NUL National Urban League
* WCEEP Wilmington Center for Education Equity and Policy
* DE Department of Education